Here are a few of the most common questions we receive about our 2018 Great Annual Giveaway entry rules — along with the answers. If you have any further questions which aren't answered here or in the posted rules themselves, feel free to drop me a note asking for clarification:

  Is it a problem if I submit entries for two different weeks on the same day? (I know there is a restriction against multiple entries.)

  No. The only limitation is one entry for each of the four weeks — one for week #1, one for week #2, and so on. Actually, they can all be sent in on the same day, if you wish, but they must be separate entries (separate mailed or web entries). The "multiple entry" restriction prohibits multiple entries for the same week, not entries for different weeks sent on the same day. Last-minute entries risk missing the final entry deadline.

  In the past, you've required mailed entries to be on separate postcards.  I don't see that requirement this year.  Has it changed?

  Yes.  We had that requirement in the past because of the sheer volume of mailed entries and the difficulty in opening so much mail here for processing (every entry is examined and entered on computer). However, in recent years the number of entries submitted electronically through our website has become the majority of entries, so those entries coming by mail are not so much of a problem.  However, since each week is considered a separate entry, we do suggest you either send your four entries separately or at least send the first entry separately (so you are sure to get into our system).  If you send several entries together in the same envelope, please be sure to mail them quickly enough so that the Postal Service gets them to us in time before the deadline (otherwise they all would be disqualified, which is another reason to send at least the first one separately).  We highly recommend that all non-USA entrants enter online rather than through the mail to avoid postal delays.

    The giveaway is almost over. Is it too late to send in entries for the early weeks of the giveaway?

  No. The 2018 deadline for entries is March 26, 2018, and all entries received by then for any or all four weeks will qualify for the prizes.  Electronic entries (through the website) must be received by NOON (Eastern time) on that day.  

  I didn't get to hear the first two weeks of the giveaway and am unable to enter for those weeks. Can I enter for just the final two weeks?

  Absolutely. Even one correct entry qualifies you for all of the prizes, including the Grand Prize. We encourage you, if possible, to enter for each of the four weeks simply because that gives you a better chance of winning. (Four qualified entries are better than one, obviously.)   

  I think my computer messed up and sent the same entry twice. Am I disqualified?

  Not necessarily. We do make allowances for the strange things that sometimes happen in cyberspace. If you're concerned about it, just drop an e-mail to the contest judge about it.

  Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to take that cruise if I would win the Grand Prize due to personal circumstances. Is there any point of entering anyway?

  Oh, yes, indeed. There are many hundreds of "points" to entering. Remember we have hundreds of other prizes, including Singing News Magazine complimentary copies and plenty of CDs and possibly other things to give away. We'd like you to get in the running for one of those prizes.

  I missed the second program and then heard you on the air later saying to ask around to see if someone heard the Key Word and would give it to me. I called the station, but they wouldn't give it to me.

  Radio stations that carry The Gospel Greats program are not allowed to provide that information individually. Under the rules of the giveaway, neither the radio stations nor our office are to give the Key Word information other than on the air during the program. What we do encourage is for you to ask your friends who may have heard the program. Perhaps they would be willing to share the information with you. 

   Which kind of entry has the better chance of winning — online (through the website) or mailed-in?

  Actually, there is no difference.  All entries — electronic or mailed in — are entered into our computer system manually after they have been checked by our judges for accuracy and deemed to be qualified in accordance with the rules. When it comes time to draw the winners, the computer selects the winner(s) randomly from all names which have been entered.

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