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 From the broadcast the weekend of January 6 & 7, 2018:

This was the concluding half of our two-week countdown of 2017's 40 most popular Southern Gospel songs, carrying the special title, GOSPEL 2017 IN REVIEW.  This program counted-down songs from #20 through #1.

It's always fascinating to see what the year's most popular songs were. And for 2017, as is usually the case, the most popular songs were strong "message songs."  From the top of the chart, you have songs about God's power to set people free from the chains of sin ("Chain Breaker"), a song about God's power over problems that we face ("God Of The Storms"), about placing our problems in God's hands ("Put It Into God's Hands") and about taking a stand for Christ ("I Choose Christ" and "We Are Not Ashamed")

I always find it fascinating to go back and hear the artists talk about each of the songs that listeners have chosen as their favorite songs of the year.

Each year, several groups have multiple songs in the year's top 40. And this time twelve different groups each had two songs on the 2017 Top 40.  They include Triumphant, Tribute Quartet, 11th Hour, the Bowling Family, the Whisnants, Greater Vision, Wilburn & Wilburn, the Hyssongs, the Kingdom Heirs, Brian Free & Assurance, Ernie Haase & Signature sound and the Hoppers.  But overall, based on chart positions of songs by these particular groups, the group that did the best was Tribute Quartet, whose had songs come in for the year at #2 and #6. 
(Nobody had three songs in the year's Top 40.)  

Two songwriters tied for having contributed to the greatest number of songs on the 2017 Top 40.  They were Kenna West and Lee Black, both of whom had a part in writing five of the songs that appeared on the full-year chart.  Four other songwriters each contributed to four songs each.

The tabulations regarding the year's top songs are done by Singing News magazine, based on charting points accumulated through the year for their monthly Top 80 chart.  The monthly charts are what we use for our monthly Top 20 Countdown editions, as has been the case since 1980.