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 From the broadcast the weekend of December 16th & 17th, 2017:

This was another all-Christmas edition.  I hope you're enjoying these.  I know I am!

Click for Mylon Hayes FamilyOur Featured Artists on this program were the Mylon Hayes Family with songs from their brand new Christmas CD, "The Wonder of Christmas."  This very gifted family has come up with an outstanding collection of traditional and new Christmas favorites.  For example, the message in the song "Underneath The Tree" stuck out to me as extra special for any Christian as a reminder of what we are really celebrating at Christmastime.  The Mylon Hayes Family includes Mylon and Wendy Hayes, their sons, Connor and Bailey, and their daughter, Kennedy.  You can find more info about them on their website.

Blythe FamilyI think you'll be hearing more from our Christmas Spotlight guests, the Blythe Family.  They are extremely gifted.  And the fact that they have an accomplished songwriter (actually, more than one) in the group helps quite a bit.  Sandy Blythe has written songs for several other groups, including the Whisnants and, as you heard on this program, the Mylon Hayes Family.  All three of the songs we included during our Spotlight visit were written by Sandy for their first-ever Christmas recording.  The Blythe Family includes David and Diana Blythe, their grown children, Richard and Sandy, and Rita Ritchie.  They are on the road fulltime from their home base in Depew, Oklahoma. You can find out more about them on their website.

Thanks again to everyone who called our special Christmas Listener Favorite line.  Although we never announced this in advance on the air (unlike most Call-Ins), we did notify by email everyone who had pre-registered for our Call-Ins.  Frankly, we received more than we could possibly use, but they were all good!  If you would like to register to be advised of future special Call-Ins (and even the "regular" Call-Ins), please sign up on this page