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 From the broadcast the weekend of May 13th &  14th, 2017:

Kenna Turner WestOur Featured Artist on this edition was songwriter Kenna Turner West.  Kenna has had a hand in writing many, many of today's top Southern Gospel songs (almost always, by her choice, with co-writers).  She talked on the program a little about the songwriting process, which, of course, is 100% creative.  But as she always stresses, the bottom line in her songs is always to share the Gospel and help bring souls to know Christ.  She and I mentioned her dad, Ken Turner, who sang bass with the Blackwood Brothers for several years.  It's a little known fact that Kenna actually sang with the Blackwood Brothers for a few years, and she has a photo on her website to prove it.  The group at the time was experimenting with a "more modern" sound, hoping for broader appeal.  Here's more about her on her website.

This program, coming at it did about the time of Mother's Day in the States and in many other countries around the world, included several songs and artist comments remembering and honoring mothers everywhere.  This was the first Mother's Day since my own mother passed on to Glory last Thanksgiving, so preparing this program brought back a lot of very special memories for me.