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 From the broadcast the weekend of January 28th & 29th, 2017:

The WisecarversIt was a joy to get to visit with the Wisecarvers as our Featured Artists (for the first time ever) on this program.  They are Vince and Tammy Wisecarver, their sons Dustin and Chase, and Dustin's wife, Kaila.  Songs included on this program were from their current CD called "Armor," including their current top-20 song, "Don't You Think You Ought To Worship Me."  This song, as is the case with most of their songs, was written by members of the group.  As Vince mentioned on the program, "The main goal is just seeing people saved.  That's our goal when we go out and sing every night.  We just want somebody to receive the Lord one way or another, whether it is something we say or sing or do or just be there for somebody.  For prayer or anything.  And that's the main thing."  More info about the Wisecarvers is on their website.  I think we'll be hearing a lot more from the Wisecarvers in the years ahead.

This was our monthly official Singing News Top 20 Countdown edition, based this time on the magazine's chart of favorites appearing in their February issue.

The Old Paths 2017I'm delighted to hear that the Old Paths Quartet will be singing once again, as you heard on the Headline Update.  Until their (now-temporary) retirement from the road at the end of 2015, they had a great quartet sound and a heart for ministry.  What more could you ask?  Their website has just been updated, so for more information visit here.  By the way, they hope to have a new recording out this summer (probably an "EP") with some great songs from top writers.  Tim Rackley promises there will be a lot of "radio friendly" songs on there.

On the Headline Update, I mentioned the special talent competition for youths aged 12-18 in the Dayton, Ohio, area.  For more info email or call Kathy Bixler at 937-545-3678.

Also on the Headline Update I mentioned the music video that Three Bridges created of their song "Dear Captain."  It's a call for prayer on a daily basis for the President.  You can view it online at this link.   Back when the group was first formed, "Dear Captain" was their very first song.