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 From the broadcast the weekend of January 7th & 8th, 2017:

This was the concluding installment of our two-week special called "Gospel 2016 In Review," counting-down the most popular Southern Gospel songs of the past year.  On this edition, you heard songs #20 through #1.  Over the years, listeners have told me this is always one of their favorite editions of the year.

Congratulations to Karen Peck & New River for their #1 song for the year, "I Am Blessed," a song that attracted numerous industry and listener awards during the year as well.  This follows by seven years Karen's last annual #1 song back in 2009, "I Want To Thank You."

Fourteen different artists each had two songs on the 2016 Top 40.  Nobody had three songs in the Top 40 for the year.  The group that did best on these multiples — averaging their two rankings — were the Whisnants, who had the #6 and #2 songs.

Among notable groups retiring in 2016 were the Skyline Boys, the Florida Boys (Charlie Waller's group) and the Bradys.

A few of the better-known Southern Gospel personalities who passed away during 2016 were:
  • Earl Brewer, accomplished pianist, formerly of the Harvesters and other groups.
  • Miles Cooper, formerly of the Pine Ridge Boys.
  • Ray Lewis, singer/songwriter/industry veteran.
  • Phil Mast of the Mast Brothers.
  • Joe Mocheo, formerly of the Prophets Quartet and the Imperials.
  • Gary S. Paxton, singer and songwriter.
  • Earl Phillips, formerly of the Lewis Family, uncle of Sheri Easter.
  • Buck Rambo, formerly of the Rambos.
  • Tina Sadler, songwriter (such songs as "Meanwhile In The Garden").
  • Scott Spangler, formerly of Naomi & the Segos.

Songs on the broadcast the weekend of December 31, 2016, and January 1, 2017, which was Part 1 of the Gospel 2016 In Review countdown: