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Visit all of our special 20th Anniversary Pages!
Note: These pages were developed for our 20th anniversary in 2000.

Our 20th Anniversary News Release
Interview with Paul Heil
How our 20th anniversary edition was recorded with a special co-host!
20th Anniversary Greetings from Artists
20th Anniversary Greetings from Radio Affiliates

Anniversary greetings from a few
top Southern Gospel artists...

Kenneth Bishop (Bishops):
"Before the Bishops ever began singing [professionally]...we would sit on our front porch [and sing]... I remember sitting on that front porch with a little plug-in radio that I had and turning it on and listening to The Gospel Greats. And I would hear the Florida Boys and the Cathedrals and the Spencers and the Inspirations and I'd sit there and say, 'boy, I would love to be around those people. That's some of the best music in the world.' We enjoyed The Gospel Greats for many years."

Michael Booth (Booth Brothers):
"Paul, when I got the show back and listened to it on a CD, the excellence was overwhelming. You can put this program against anything. I admire that because that's giving God everything you've got and maximizing your capabilities and that's what I admire about the program."

Gerald Crabb (singer, songwriter):
"I think one of the most important, if not the most important gospel show on the radio is The Gospel Greats... You know, the first [program] I ever heard was on a country station and the only Gospel they played was The Gospel Greats. At the time, when I found it, I wasn't looking for Gospel music but I heard The Gospel Greats and I will never forget that as long as I live. You'll never know what you mean to us. You take our music places that we could never go without you and I pray that God will continue to bless and give you many, many more years until the Lord comes.

Brian Free:
"God has definitely blessed you.... You've done an awful lot for Gospel music. You've added the class, commercial feel that needed to be in Gospel music on the radio because a lot of folks want to hear it put together like that. I know I do. I respect and admire and appreciate the work that it takes to make something precision, and you do that. Everything you do is just what we call 'class' in the industry."

Dean Hopper (Hoppers):
"Paul and Shelia Heil have always pushed for the very best in Gospel music. I've heard this time and time again all over the country. They say, when they don't play any other Gospel music on a secular station, they will play The Gospel Greats because the program is put together very well and it's always a classy show and I just want to say thank you to The Gospel Greats and Paul Heil and the Lord for giving you the opportunity to represent our music the best way it needs to be done and you're doing a great job, keep it up!"

Jonathan Martin (Martins):
"As the Martins grew up at home, I remember on Sunday mornings we would have The Gospel Greats on our local country station... I remember when it started we were really starting to follow Southern Gospel music as a whole and tried to learn and do different things and The Gospel Greats was our highlight for Sunday morning.... I think it was something we kind of looked forward to with anticipation, thinking, 'will we ever be on The Gospel Greats?' So it was kind of a neat thing also to hear our own music [later] on The Gospel Greats and be a part of a quality gospel music show that Paul Heil has been a part of for 20 years now. Congratulations, Paul!"

Gerald Wolfe (Greater Vision):
"Kirk Talley introduced me to The Gospel Greats. He said, 'you'll love this program because it's put together so well... I'm just thankful, Paul, that The Gospel Greats has opened up markets for Southern Gospel music in areas where otherwise we could have never gone... So I'm just proud to be associated with The Gospel Greats..."

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