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Visit all of our special 20th Anniversary Pages!
Note: These pages were developed for our 20th anniversary in 2000.

Our 20th Anniversary News Release
Interview with Paul Heil
How our 20th anniversary edition was recorded with a special co-host!
20th Anniversary Greetings from Artists
20th Anniversary Greetings from Radio Affiliates

George Younce records as "The Gospel Greats"
co-host with Paul Heil at his home in Stow, Ohio.

George Younce Co-Hosts
20th Anniversary Edition
of "The Gospel Greats"

Southern Gospel music's "favorite bass singer," George Younce, was the very special co-host of the recent 20th Anniversary Edition of Paul Heil's "The Gospel Greats" program, aired the weekend of February 4th and 5th on more than 200 radio stations across the United States and in Canada.

"What a privilege and delight it was for us to work with George in this way," Heil said. "We wanted to do something very special for our 20th anniversary. The idea of a co-host came to mind because we had never done anything like that before in all of our twenty years. And, although we thought about it quite a bit, literally no one else came to mind that would be as perfect for the role as George Younce."

Younce, who has been off the road since his renowned quartet, the Cathedrals, retired from the road December 11th, immediately agreed to be the program's co-host. Because health problems would have prevented his travel to the program's studios in Lancaster, Pa., Heil and his wife, Shelia, traveled to Younce's home in Stow, Ohio, to record the program.

"Paul, at a time in my life when the Lord has sent along some bumps in the road for me with my dialysis and with my heart condition and I was stuck here at home, what a wonderful thing and a blessing for me that you'd bring all of your equipment from Pennsylvania to come to my sunroom and set it up and let me speak to the people and tell them about my situation, thank them for their love, thank you and Shelia for your friendship all these years and to thank the Lord for the 20th anniversary of 'The Gospel Greats' and the wonderful work that you're doing," Younce said on the program.

On the air, Younce was able to add his comments about "The Gospel Greats" program to those of many other artists who had contributed recorded anniversary greetings. He also added his insights and comments about those artists as well as sharing with listeners his personal health situation.

Also making one of her very rare appearances on the program was Heil's wife, Shelia.  She shared regarding her daily behind-the-scenes involvement with the program over the years as well as how it has been such a blessing to meet and become friends with the artists.

At one point in the program, Heil told Younce he was doing so well as a co-host that maybe he should consider radio as his next career. "You know, Paul, I told you I was gonna call Gaither and see if he couldn't get me and you a TV program!"

More information about "The Gospel Greats" program, including a special 20th anniversary interview with Paul Heil, can be found on the program's web site:

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