#1 Southern Gospel Hit Songs of The 1980s

(According to The Singing News Top 80 monthly chart)

Song Title Group Month/Year (start/end)
Oh Buddha Imperials Jan. 1980- Feb. 1980
Praise The Lord Imperials Mar. 1980
Oh Buddha Imperials Apr. 1980- May 1980
Come Morning Rex Nelon Singers June 1980
I'm In This Church Hemphills July 1980
Come Morning Rex Nelon Singers Aug. 1980
Better Hurry Up Happy Goodmans Sept. 1980
Come Morning Rex Nelon Singers Oct. 1980
Better Hurry Up Happy Goodmans Nov. 1980
He's Still Working On Me Hemphills Dec. 1980- July 1981
Excuses Kingsmen Aug. 1981- Apr. 1982
Good Things Hemphills May 1982
Excuses Kingsmen June 1982
God's Gonna Do The Same For You & Me Hinsons July 1982- Aug 1982
Antioch Church Choir Dixie Melody Boys       Sept. 1982
Step Into The Water Cathedral Qt Oct. 1982- June 1983
Two Winning Hands Hinsons July 1983- Sept. 1983
It's Out Of This World Paynes Oct. 1983- Jan. 1984
Saints Will Rise Kingsmen Feb. 1984- Mar. 1984
I Think I'll Read It Again Gold City Quartet April 1984- June 1984
Call Me Gone Hinsons July 1984- Aug. 1984
Who Put The Tears In The Eyes Of The Lamb    McKameys Sept. 1984
It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built The Ark Hemphills Oct. 1984- Dec. 1984
I Bowed On My Knees & Cried Holy Singing Americans Jan. 1985- March 1985
John Saw Gold City Quartet Apr. 1985- July 1985
When He Was On The Cross Florida Boys Aug. 1985- Dec. 1985
Gone At Last Jimmy Swaggart Jan. 1986
Angels Step Back Paynes Feb. 1986- May 1986
Sweeter As The Days Go By Talleys June 1986- Sept. 1986
Can He Could He Would He Cathedrals Oct. 1986 - Nov. 1986
Stand Up Kingsmen Dec. 1986- Mar. 1987
Boundless Love Cathedrals Apr. 1987- May 1987
When I Get Carried Away Gold City June 1987- Sept. 1987
Getting Used To The Dark McKameys Oct. 1987 - Dec. 1987
Midnight Cry Gold City Jan. 1988- June 1988
I Lean On You Lord Florida Boys July 1988
Mercy Built A Bridge Hinsons Aug. 1988- Oct. 1988
God On The Mountain McKameys Nov. 1988- Mar. 1989
I Can See The Hand Cathedrals Apr. 1989- May 1989
Saved To The Uttermost Speers June 1989- July 1989
Coming Soon Spencers Aug. 1989- Oct. 1989
When I Knelt The Blood Fell Greenes Nov. 1989-Dec. 1989

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